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Boll Weevil Cafe served up the sweetness

Boll Weevil Cafe and Sweetery is a cafe right off Riverwalk downtown. Although they have a full lunch and dinner menu, they are most known for their desserts. I’ve been there before, but it was such a long time ago, I thought it was time to go again for a review.

Overall Score: 4 stars

Food: 4 stars

Service: 5 stars

Inclusivity: 4 stars

Atmosphere: 4 stars

The Breakdown

The cafe used to be an old cotton warehouse in the late 1800s so you get a lot of vintage vibes when you walk in. I went with my team from work and we were seated rather quickly with several of us joining.

I wasn’t feeling too adventurous so I ended up ordering a burger with chips. The burger was good. Nothing too fancy. It comes with pimento cheese for an extra razzle-dazzle, but I opted out of that. Not only do I not care for pimento cheese, but I am also lactose intolerant and I wanted to save my tummy troubles for the dessert.

The dessert was amazing. I had a strawberry cake. Not only was the cake huge, but it was also moist and filled with flavor in every bite. My colleagues had some of the other options including the cheesecake and the red velvet cake. Both were amazing, but the size of the cake slices made them more than worth the price. I look forward to going back there soon just for desserts.

How to get 5 stars

I was really satisfied with my experience at Boll Weevil. I would like to see more options on their menu. They are perfect for lunch if you aren’t looking for anything that will make you feel too fat or full when you’re done, which I consider a good thing. Maybe they want it that way so you’ll always have room for dessert. The desserts are certainly worth it. Also, our server was amazing. He definitely knew how to take care of a large group. I’ll be back here soon.

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