Edgar's Above Broad is the perfect lunchtime spot

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Overall Score: 4 stars

Food: 4 stars

Service: 3 stars

Inclusivity: 5 stars

Atmosphere: 5 stars

The Breakdown

It’s been forever since I said I would go try Edgar’s, but I did and was so excited to try one of the hottest new places in town. Edgar’s is close to my job so I was able to go there a few times for breakfast and twice for lunch. I really loved that they have a grab-and-go section for breakfast and lunch. So if you work in Downtown Augusta and you forget (or refuse) to pack your lunch for the day, you can get some sandwiches, salads and other small items to keep you going.

For breakfast, I got the breakfast biscuit which came with a sausage patty and scrambled egg. I was surprised that I also got sliced fruit. Paired it with an orange juice and it was the perfect breakfast. For lunch, I had the ‘sandwich special’ of the day which was a barbecue sandwich with their home-made potato chips. It was so yummy. Checking out the special each time I visited was fun because the sandwich choices always sound appetizing.

I will say I was a little disappointed in their menu selection. I feel it was limited so if you have a certain craving, you may have to pass on this place. I’d definitely recommend checking the menu first. However, the vibe and the design of this place are amazing! Especially the outside area. The staff was super friendly and courteous. I will be coming back here for the awesome vibes.

photo of food
The breakfast is so worth it.

How to get 5 stars

I would love to see their menu grow and have more options in every aspect. For example, when I ordered the breakfast biscuit, they didn’t have any jelly or condiments that I could use. Also, when I checked their dinner menu, none of the options interested me. I would love to go here during a happy hour, but I don’t think I would want to go to dinner here.

I gave the service a three only because their hours of operation are very limited. They close each day during a particular time frame and they aren’t open on Sundays at all. It took me more than once to try to go there because they were closed. Hopefully, as they grow, so will their hours.

The BBQ sandwich was great!

P.S: I can’t wait to go back there to take some pics outside with the mural done by April Henry King!

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