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Exposing the superpowers of early birds

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Can you tell how serious I am when it comes to taking pics?

Early birds are usually described as people who like to wake up early and are most productive at the beginning of the day. On the other hand, night owls are the exact opposite. Neither are more successful or productive than the other, but there are common misconceptions of both. Here are some superpowers you probably never noticed.

Our secret identities

As you can imagine, early birds have no issue getting up and out of the house before everyone else. Personally, I’ve been able to have my internal clock wake me up without using an alarm for almost two years now. We like being the first ones to arrive at work in the mornings because that allows us to have some quiet alone time and be our most authentic selves.

If you catch us off guard, you’re more than likely to find us having a personal concert or doing something else totally awkward. It doesn’t mean we’re less comfortable around others, but we want to use that burst of energy we have from starting a new day. A lot of early birds have personalities that align with introverts. Our ‘true identity’ is kept secret out of fear that our perkiness will be judged from the less perky night owls.

Our super-strength

We are super self-disciplined. This is needed because not only do we get up early in the mornings, we have to perform in the mornings as well. In order to perform, we have to go to bed early. You won’t catch me up past midnight on weeknights. This self-discipline overlaps into other aspects of our lives. People tend to think that we are more motivated and ‘stronger’ than night owls because of our display of self-discipline, but in reality, we are just more routined. Early birds are the type to find a routine in every corner of their lives so that their day falls in place.

We love to be proactive as we can with our daily lives. Some would say that we are perfectionists. Once we have completed our routine, we usually tap out for the rest of the day. I know that I’m not worth much after I get home from work. Night owls are better at reacting than early birds. Since their creativity and productivity spark toward the end of the day, they are usually better at finding solutions when random problems pop up.

Our see-through vision

Because we’re usually the first ones into class or in the office, we’re typically very observant of everyone who comes in after us. We know who can’t function until their coffee kicks in or that you had a rough morning. Of course, some are very obvious in how they present themselves, but unlike night owls who are still a little fatigued in the morning, we are wide awake and can notice everything.

Although we’re super perceptive in the morning, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are against night owls. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We can definitely be one of your best advocates. We are the ones who can find a way to stall the Monday meeting for you to slip in without anyone else noticing. Just think of us using our superpowers for good, not evil.

Making others feel safe

Since we love routines, our consistency is really unmatched. That gives the perception of being more reliable than night owls. Night owls are often irritable in the morning which makes us the preferred go-to people when troubles arise. I love problem-solving. So I notice that people will gravitate towards me in the morning because they know that I’m really for challenges as soon as I walk in the building. That’s not to say that night owls can’t perform well in the morning, it just takes more effort from them than early birds.

Some other reasons people may utilize this ability from us is that we don’t usually drink caffeine (I hate coffee). Also, it was reported that night owls tend to drink more alcohol than early birds. I’m guessing that is probably true because we are probably somewhere sleep whereas the night owls are just getting their day started.

Regardless of your capabilities to perform in the morning, just know that both early birds and night owls make an amazing flock together. Both have the ability to come out of their comfort zone and be highly successful at night or during the day.

What are some of your superpowers?


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