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Frog and the Hen was almost im-peck-able

people smiling with food
I had lunch with Augusta University Provost Dr. Neil MacKinnon & Kiara, my awesome intern

Overall Score: 4 stars

Food: 4 stars

Service: 4 stars

Inclusivity: 3 stars

Atmosphere: 4 stars

The Breakdown

I’ve heard of the Frog and the Hen for quite some time, and recently I was able to go check it out to see if it matched the hype. Well, to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. I loved the restaurant’s design and decor. It’s located next to Farmhaus on Flowing Wells Road so it fits into their “farmhouse” aesthetic as well. The menu had some interesting options, but I decided to play it safe and try the chicken and waffles. The meal and service were great, but it just didn’t impress me. It was exactly what you would expect from any restaurant.

Since this was my only time going to this place, I think I will go back during their weekend brunches to try one of their famous cinnamon rolls. For certain holidays, I noticed on their Instagram that they have special menus so I think it could be a great idea to try them out during one of the weekends where they anticipate a big crowd.

We also arrived right when they opened so I wasn’t able to fully catch the vibe of people who like to dine here, but as we left, I saw mostly an older audience seemed to really enjoy this place.

I think what makes this place special is that they are also carry-out friendly and have a grab-and-go section and a drive-thru window. So if you’re trying to make a quick lunch run on this side of town, they are a tasty and convenient option.

How to get 5 stars

First – which is completely random, but I want to know where does “Frog” comes into the name. Their menu is primarily chicken and a few other options, but no frog-themed anything. I think they should help inquisitive people like me out and find a way to incorporate that either in their menu or in their overall brand.

I would also like to see their menu reflect specials or something that really activates your tastebuds. Right now, their menu is basic, which is not bad, just not enough to get 5 stars from me.

P.S: I really appreciated that their IG account followed me and shared my story about them. I definitely feel welcomed to return.

Where should I go next?

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