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No cap, I love Sno Cap

Overall Score: 4 stars

Food: 5 stars

Service: 3 stars

Inclusivity: 3 stars

Atmosphere: 5 stars

The Breakdown

Sno Cap Drive-In is probably one of North Augusta’s best-kept secrets. Although it’s not a secret how great its food is, I feel like its location is tucked away so you probably won’t notice it. It’s your traditional American-style cuisine that gives you all the retro vibes. You can order from your car at one of the drive-in spaces (similar to Sonic), or you can get out of your car to dine inside or outside. I’ve been to Sno-Cap once before, but I decided it was finally time to go back and give them a review.

For those that may not know me, I love a good theme and Sno Cap understands the assignment when it comes to their retro theme. The music, the menus, and the design (including their totally rad mural) all make you feel like you’re stepping back in time.

The food was great and their menu has a great variety of options which makes another trip there persuading.

How to get 5 stars

When I went to Sno Cap, it was right before the lunch rush so the service dwindled down as more people came in. Our server was excellent and very friendly, but you could tell that he was starting to get overwhelmed with new guests. I think if they had more staff during this time, it would be better.

Also, I feel that this may not be the most inclusive setting for people of color. Besides the people I went to lunch with, I didn’t notice any people of color except for one pick-up order as we were leaving. I believe it’s important to have a diverse and inclusive environment and even on their social media pages, they were lacking diversity. I will give them the benefit of the doubt here, but I hope moving forward, they can add this to their great vibes. I will be going back, so I’ll be happy to report an update.

rootbeer float
Get a rootbeer float to wash everything down

Where should I go next?

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