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Rio Cantina is my absolute fave

people posing for a photo
I have an amazing team at work!

Overall Score: 5 stars

Food: 5 stars

Service: 5 stars

Inclusivity: 5 stars

Atmosphere: 5 stars

The Breakdown

Rio Cantina is hands down my favorite Mexican restaurant. It’s tucked away at SRP Park so it’s rarely ever too busy or filled with people. I’m not sure it’ll stay that way after you read this review. The service is always great and the price points for everything is fair. I love coming here with my coworker or friends because their food always hits the spot.

This place is great for happy hour too if you want to relieve some stress from a hectic workweek. I was able to have a small celebration here when I launched Augusta University’s official podcast In the Wild. The Texas margarita does what it needs to do to me every time. I’ve been here countless times and I’ve only had one disappointing meal.

They also serve drinks through their window inside SRP. so yes, you can get a margarita to go and enjoy some good ole fashioned baseball. On certain nights, they even have karaoke and events to sit outside. I recommend this place 100%.

photo of food
Papas locas is my favorite meal.

How to get 5 stars

Since they get 5 stars all across the board, it’s pretty difficult to find any area for improvements. One thing I would love to see is maybe a second location somewhere else in Augusta. Of course, there are plenty of places to enjoy Mexican food, but this one is top-notch. I hope you give it try really soon if you haven’t already. And feel free to share your experiences with me.

P.S: I was hesitant to post about this place because I don’t want it to get too big and popular on me.

photo of drink
Can't go to Rio Cantina without getting a Texas margarita

P.S.S: Try the papas locas. It’s chicken, chorizo and steak (sometimes the meat varies at different places) with sour cream, cheese dip and pico de gallo served on a bed of fries. They make it the best!

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