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i Heart Mac and Cheese wasn’t as cheesy as I thought

Overall Score: 3.5 stars

Food: 3.5 stars

Service: 4 stars

Inclusivity: 5 stars

Atmosphere: 3 stars

The Breakdown

Although this place is only new to the Augusta area, this was my first time hearing of it so I had to give it a try. This restaurant is on trend with similar fast-food places that allow you to “build-your-own” your order as you walk down and select your options. Considering I’m lactose intolerant, I wasn’t comfortable going all out with the mac and cheese bowl so I was pleasantly surprised that they had vegetarian and vegan options for those like me who are trying to stay away from dairy. I ended up getting the vegan grilled cheese with Beyond Meat sausage. It was an interesting grilled cheese and I had tater tots on the side (which were a little cold). This was the first grilled cheese with veggies and meat so it felt more like a breakfast sandwich, but I enjoyed it. I intended to try the Beyond Meat beef patty, but they were out of that and the beef crumbles.

My friend tried the mac and cheese with pulled pork and veggies. The serving size was great considering the price point. For an additional $3 you can make it a combo with a side and medium-sized drink. They were a little limited on the drinks which was your basic Coke machine. My friend enjoyed the bowl but had would do things differently next time around. I think next time I will try the vegan mac and cheese.

How to get 5 stars

The food didn’t seem “hot and fresh” to me even tho it was made in front of us. The tots were a little cold and I was expecting a little more flavor or something from my grilled cheese. The service was decent. They didn’t really try to make our first time special and explain to us all of our options. They were nice and courteous, but not very helpful for new customers. I would recommend that be something they improve on.

Also, the location is pretty small. I wouldn’t say this would be a great place to go during a busy lunch or dinner if you plan to eat there. This would be great for a grab-and-go type deal. I was also expecting to have one of the newer Coke machines that have many options for drinks. Since this place is new, I’m confident that it will grow over time. I would definitely go back there, but probably not too soon.

Where should I go next?


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